“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”

Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Search Of ...

Over the years, I have these burgeoning questions that really need to be answered and acted. These issues, to me, really would have great impact to the quality of life that we may lead.

Questions like …

Who am I?
Where am I now in this life?
Where do I want to go?
How do I get there?

Can I have common goals with others?
Can I work with others to achieve our common goals?
Do I know how to work with others to achieve our common goals?
Do I know the process that I need to follow to achieve our common goals?

Do I know how to lead others?
Do I know what sort of characteristics to be a good leader?
Do I know how to influence others to make ‘that’ change?
Do I have that ‘bird eye view’ over what I need to focus?

These questions, more or less have been at the back of my mind for years. The more I study our situations be it at home, workplace, public places or other kind of relationships that we may encounter, the more pertinent these questions need to be answered and acted. Our failures to act on these questions create havoc in our life.

What do you think?

Since 1992, I begin my journey to understand more about these questions. Slowly but surely it has crystallized into a concept that what I called 3K. 3K stands for Kesedaran Diri (Self Awareness) – Kesedaran Kerja Berpasukan (Teamwork Awareness) – Kesedaran Kepimpinan (Leadership Awareness). The experiences and discussions that I have gone through have not just strengthened my earlier perception on these requirements but also create commitment in me to drive these ideas. I have create a platform that I called SSSA BASIC to share these ideas. (SSSA BASIC's logo is as above)

Failures to understand ourselves have led us to many many unthinkable behaviors and problems. Failures to understand how teamwork works have led us not to achieve things that are simple and instead we drown ourselves in petty matters. Failures to understand what are leadership led us to perceive human as machines. You can witness outputs of all these fiasco blatantly around us.

Surprisingly, why there is nobody out there try to figure out these so called ‘basic’ phenomena? Well to use word ‘basic’ may be subjective. ‘Basic’ to you may not be ‘basic’ to me and vice versa. No matter what, I strongly believe, it is about time for us to act upon this neccessary basic.

For a start, we need to give some basic training/understanding on these issues. 3K is my contributions to address these issues. These trainings should be integrated and continuously in nature. And of course, leaders must be unwavering to drive these trainings. Continuous follow-ups on these ideas back at workplace/home/public places are a must. Failures to have these elements in the initiatives will definitely spell doom.

The question now … do we have the awareness and stamina for all these initiatives? Are we in for ‘quick-fix’? Sincerely, I can’t answer that for anybody because I strongly believe in this statement … “The choice is mine” .

To know more about 3K , call/email me.

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