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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

English Program – ‘The Box’ (Self Deception)

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my 1st English program titled ‘The Box’ (Self Deception). It is a one day program. The content of this program is not similar to its Bahasa Malaysia cousins (PPB3K modules) but it is based on an idea that is very much dear to my heart.

'The Box' is an analogy of a situation we are in our daily life. We normally do not realize that we deceived ourselves. Self Deception is insistent blindness – the inability to see that one has a problem. When we are self deceived, we are in ‘The Box’. Our view of reality is distorted – we see neither ourselves nor others clearly. In ‘The Box’ means I was stuck in my experience. I was stuck because I had a problem I didn’t think I had – a problem I couldn’t see.

As a result, it leads us to negative thoughts, feelings and actions and eventually negative results. This matter is very much deeper than our knowledge and behavior. Self deception is about our paradigm. Change your paradigm – change your results. The content of ‘The Box’ is as follows;

Solutions to self deception will;

- sharpens vision
- reduces feelings of conflict
- enlivens the desire for teamwork
- redoubles accountability
- magnifies the capacity to achieve results
- deepens satisfaction and happiness.

As its cousins (PPB3K modules), by using ‘Stick Person’ concept to elaborate the idea in ‘The Box’, it will definitely make the understanding of the idea much more easy and meaningful. Thus, it will assist us to get out of ‘The Box’.

Why wait, call me (dial 019-2245-079) . This will be your wise investment to prepare yourself for future challenges.