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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Go Back To Basic

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters,

During this Bless Month of Ramadan, it will be good if we can revisit some of the basic of Islamic principles. Sometimes we tend to ‘fly’ too high and we forgot what the answer to 1 + 1 is. When we look around us, everybody seems so busy and we again tend to overlook these so called basic principles. Without us aware, we disobey these principles and as a result, we have to pay heavy price in life.

Few days back, I stumbled upon this talk by a Brother who happens to embrace Islam recently. This thought provoking talk really jolts me about the true meaning of being a Muslim. Since it has helps me in many ways, I guess it may have the same effect on you. Let us ponder on what he says …


When I looked back in what PPB3K has to offer, how glad I’m that PPB3K is very much aligned to what this Brother said. I do hope PPB3K will be my legacy to bring harmony and peace to this world. Amin.

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