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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sami Yusuf, The Musician

I was first introduced to Sami Yusuf’s music about 3 months back when a friend shared his song titled Asma Allah. I must say his songs are contemporize, elegant and in his own word, fusion. I must proclaim myself now that I’m his fan.

Born in Tehran and brought up in England with strong roots from Azerbaijan, he is indeed a fusion himself. He received so much love from where he came from but as he said, he remains true Briton at heart as other Britons do. Graduated from London School of Music with top honors and well versed in at least nine musical instruments.

This young gentleman really caught my attention with his intellectual and his humbleness. I was really impressed the way he communicates his thoughts. You shall witness that in my next article when I feature his interview with Riz Khan of Al Jazeera Network. You be your on judge.

He is a man that really embodied what has been stated in ‘Anda Dilahirkan Berjaya’. He is young but his mission and vision are clear. He knows where he wants to bring his music. He is fully conscious of how high the society’s expectations are on him. And that I must say it’s quite an achievement for a young man like him.

You can call him a superstar since he has sold more than 2 million records worldwide. But this young man remains defiant to the idea. He just wants to be known as somebody who is in love with what he knows best which is his music and to spread what he strongly believes through his music.

Let’s watch one of his videos here. Enjoy!


  1. Tuan,

    Just want to share that my kids also fan of Maher Zain. Enjoy this ..


    Salam Razib

  2. This is my fav "InsyaAllah"


    Salam Razib

  3. Thanks Bro. Long time no hear. Miss our sharing session. Salam Mior