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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Innovation - What would Steve do?

When you are in situation where you have really got to do more with less, that really drives a need of innovation that you might not otherwise have in normal times. History shows that the greatest innovations have been introduced in periods of severe economic stress.
Innovation is often confused with invention. The two notions are complementary but different. The act of inventing means to design, create, and build new products or processes. Innovation starts with creative ideas that ultimately are translated into inventions, services, processes and methods.
One of my heroes in innovation world is no doubt Steve Jobs. Why? He made the difference! How he make difference? By simply think differently! In many cases, when you think differently, you imagine. You explore. You create. You invent. You change things. You inspire.
I believe it is possible to replicate the Steve Jobs experience in your business, career and life, if you understand the seven ideas that drive him. For the next seven articles in this site, I will share with you those seven ideas. The seven ideas will force you to think differently about your career, company, customers and products. In other words, these ideas will force you to innovate in those areas. Synopsis of the seven ideas is as follows;

Idea 1: Career - Do what you love. This will make the core difference.

Idea 2: Vision - Vision sets the destination. Passion fuels you!

Idea 3: Thoughts - Creativity is the act of connecting things

Idea 4: Customers - Sell Dreams, Not Products. Build products to fulfill your customer dreams

Idea 5: Design - Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Innovation means eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak!

Idea 6: Experience - Create insanely great experiences for your customers.

Idea 7: Story - You can have the most innovative idea in the world, but if you cannot get people excited about it, your innovation doesn’t matter.

These seven ideas will work only if, regardless of your job function, you see yourself as a brand. Remember, no matter whom you are, you represent the most important brand of all – yourself! How you think, feel, decide and act reflects on that brand.
What potential do you see in yourself? Imagine what you could achieve in business with the right insight and inspiration. Imagine where you could take your career if you had Steve Jobs guiding your decisions. What would Steve do? Let’s find out in the next seven articles!

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