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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I have learnt from Steve – Lesson 7 of 7

Think Differently About Your Story

1. Tell your story early and often. Make communication a cornerstone of your brand every day.

2. Make your brand story consistent across all platforms: presentations, website, advertising, marketing materials, social media.

3. Think differently about your presentation style. Study Steve Jobs, read design books, and pay attention to awe-inspiring presentations and what makes them different from the average PowerPoint show. Everyone has room to raise the bar on delivering presentations, but rising to the challenge requires a dedicated commitment to improve and an open mind.

4. Watch a Steve Jobs presentation. Visit YouTube and search for “Steve Jobs + keynote.”

5. Read The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs for a more thorough discussion of Job’s communication skills.

6. Have a story to tell before opening PowerPoint or Keynote (Apple presentation software).

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