“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dream Maker

A dream maker is someone who commits himself or herself to attain his or her goal. A friend shared with me traits of a dream maker. He said, a dream maker always entertains his/her goal by asking these following questions towards his/her goal;

Why this particular goal is good?

Why Not?
If the goal is so good, why not anybody act on the idea?

Why Not Me?
Well, if the goal is so good for anybody, why not me act on the idea?

Why Not Now?
When should I act on the goal if not now?

These questions help you to be in offensive mode towards your goal. These questions help you to stay away from comfort zone which in many ways slow down your efforts to attain your goal. Post these questions to yourself if possible everyday. It will rejuvenate you. It will energize you. Try it. You will never regret.
I have a good friend. Whenever we met, we talk about our goals. We shared our challenges in our journey to attain our respective goals. I enjoy those moments. In our last ‘teh tarik’ session, we have a simple celebration because he just achieved one of his goals. We have a good time. Now we make new plan on how to collaborate to attain our goals. We share our similarities and we celebrate our differences. How nice, you agree?

Opposite to a dream maker is what we call a dream taker. In any moment, a dream taker will try his/her best to ridicule your intentions to achieve your goal. They keep remind you of all the intellectual rationalize why those goal are no good for you. Mind you, definition of rationalize is nothing more than ‘ration a lie’ to your mind. It is really toxic. Try your best to stay away from all forms of a dream taker.

Life is a journey. Life is an adventure. We always hear these statements. These statements will only make sense when and only when a particular life has a goal attached to it. Life without goal is as if you are going in circle in life. Life with goal is as if you are able to release the shackles of life and move on towards your freedom.
Optimize your life by fully utilizing your self. It can be easily utilize if we have goal in life. Be a dream maker not a dream taker. Choice is yours.

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