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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two Short Stories

Story 1: The Tongue

Once, a chief told one of his servants to bring him the best meat from the market. The servant brought him a tongue.

The next day the chief told the servant to bring him the worst meat from the market. The servant brought a tongue again.

"What?" the chief said. "When I ask for the best meat, you bring a tongue and then you bring the same thing for the worst meat."

The servant said, "Sometimes a man is very unhappy because of his tongue and sometimes his tongue makes him very happy."

"You are right," the chief said. "Let us be masters of our tongue!

Story 2: Sweet Quarrels

One day Nasruddin quarrelled with his wife. He shouted at her till she could not bear it and fled to her neighbour’s house. Nasruddin followed her there.

The neighbors managed to placate the angry husband and served the couple tea and sweetmeats. When they returned to their house some time later, they began quarrelling again.

When Nasruddin began shouting at her, his wife again opened the door to run out.

"This time, go to the baker's house," he advised. "He makes delicious cakes."


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