“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”

Friday, August 5, 2016


I must trust in my life,
But, where can I place my trust,
Trust is important,
Trust affects me,
For I live on it,
If trust falls in the wrong place,
I will get hurt,
That will take long time to heal,
If I place my trust out there,
Where I think it is safe,
Remember, it is an unsafe thought,
Anything, anyone out there,
Is bound to change,
And changes will happen,
Not everything good stays good,
Not everything bad stays bad,
But whatever happens,
You will still be you,
You are stuck with yourself,
You are stuck in the moment ‘now’,
But if you,
Place the trust within you,
You know,
You cannot cheat yourself,
You know in your heart,
You must fulfill your promise,
Not any promise,
But the promise you made,
By you and for you,
Place the seed of trust within you,
As it is the safest place,
Let it sprout,
When you can trust yourself,
You take complete charge,
What is more but to enjoy,
And be in joy.

Story of an Old Man

An old man sat on the streets,
Poor and wore tattered clothes,
Barely could speak a world,
Begging for money,
One rich man rode by,
He stopped and pitied,
And gave the old man,
An old violin,
To keep him company,
And he could make some money,
The rich man rode away,
But the old man couldn’t play,
He looked at the violin,
And it reminded him of himself,
Old, battered and useless,
He thought it would be great,
To bring music to his life,
He cried and prayed,
To the God,
To make him play,
Then he heard a divine command,
From within him,
To pick up the violin and play,
He picked up with confidence,
Amazingly enough,
His Hands knew what to do,
Mellifluous music filled the air,
He became happy,
He felt the ultimate joy,
He played without any delay,
Every single day,
Money showered,
He became rich,
But he was not concerned,
He loved his life,
As it was filled with music,
And he played the violin,
Till the end of his life.

Your Connections

You are connected,
Connected to the this world,
Connected to money,
Connected to wealth,
Connected to property,
Connected to health,
Connected to mind,
Connected to dreams,
Connected to illusion,
However, forget not,
You are also,
Connected to this heart
Connected to this breath,
Connected to this life,
Connected to the love,
Connected to the joy,
Some connections you live for,
Some connections you yearn for,
Some connections you strive for,
Some connection can never be reached
One day,
You will be disconnected,
The connections,
That is keeping you alive,
Without it, you cease to exist,
With those elements,
That is stopping you,
From living this life,
As you truly wish to be.

Art of Accomplishing

Some things are said,
Made to sound important,
Those things we hear,
And we think  they’re important:
We do things ,
That we think must be done,
Some things are not said,
That may seem unimportant,
But once recognized,
It is the most important,
We cannot hear the actual message,
Because the fake voice,
Is louder than voice of truth,
When silence is chosen,
Voice of truth becomes clear,
Realise what is compelled unto you,
And what is requested out of love,
When you understand,
The purpose of your action,
Action will be spontaneous
And goal will be reached.

A Shining Clarity

There is a fire burning inside you,
Giving out soft, beautiful glow,
As you breathe in and out,
The light continues to shine,
As you take another step,
The light continues to grow,
Sometimes you are in the dark,
And you cannot see,
You struggle to take another step,
Nevertheless, the fire continues to burn,
All you have to do is to find the light within you.
That is what makes the light easy to find,
Find the burning fire,
And embrace it without fear,
Together with the fire,
Together with the light,
Continue to shine throughout your life,
As the light of clarity shines upon you,
You look amazingly beautiful,
Seek the light of clarity,
Let it show the way,
Now you can see,
And take steps rapidly,
Your path of life becomes visible,
You can now,
Enjoy your journey.

The Will of The Heart

There is a light,
Burning so brilliant,
Within me,
It is so gentle,
Soft and glowing,
Yet so powerful,
That is can remove any darkness,
It can light,
A burning desire,
In my heart,
A fire,
That can never be extinguished,
By any element,
Of doubt and fear,
Anything that comes near,
Is burnt together,
Only the flame,
Is kept alive,
A flame with many names,
It is called,
Flame of love,
Flame of courage,
With such intensity,
That I am becoming,
Brighter and more brilliant,
As the sun rises higher,
I am getting stronger,
As the rain falls,
The flames dances,
But it never stops,
Glowing and growing,
Such is the power,
Of the will of the heart.

The Forgotten Point

A point that from everything it began,
A point that keeps us alive,
A point that keeps the universe moving,
A point that life will end,
A point that new life will begin,
A point that you are alive,
A point that you are gifted,
A point that you felt real love,
A point that is invisible but carries the most meaning,
A point of this breath,
A point that is never appreciated,
A point that is beaming with joy,
A point that life felt great,
A point that exists to bring joy to the heart,
Such is the story of a point,
A forgotten point.

The Sacred Love

That love,
Is an essence of all love,
And is indeed the foundation of life,
Joy, peace, simplicity,
Are just names,
To express the profound feeling,
We yearn to feel,
To experience it,
It is a gift,
An unexplainable miracle,
Bestowed to us,
All in all,
It is simply great
It is the purest,
It is simple,
Yet the most sacred,
The most divine,
Feeling of love.