“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Short Random Quotes

Live today, for tomorrow it will all be history
Be so good they can’t ignore you
Be yourself everyone else is taken
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage
Enjoy life! This is not a rehearsal
Let it go
First I drink the coffee then I do the things
Keep your heels, head and standards high
If you’re going through hell keep going
Silence speaks when words can’t
Fear is the mind killer
Think big
You can do this
Good vibes only
Go for it
Work like a boss
No guts. No glory
And life goes on
I’m a happy person
Turn you wounds into wisdom
And now I’ll do what’s best for me
Storms make trees take deeper roots
Be a voice to an echo
Tonight I dream, tomorrow I do
Learn not to say too much
Don’t believe everything you think
Creativity is intelligence having fun
Let’s just be who we really are
One life. Just one.
Start somewhere
By the way, miracles can happen
In the waves of change we find our true direction
Give it to God and go to sleep
Don’t stop until you’re proud
Mistakes are proof that you’re trying
Celebrate every tiny victory
Put your positive pants on
Make your dreams happen
Your only limit is you
Embrace reality. Even if it burns you
Remember why you started
Put on some blush and go for it
Progress not perfection
Happiness is homemade
Find a way or make it
You’re worth it all
Let your heart sing
Today is the day
You are entirely up to you
Today I choose joy
Hustle and heart will set you apart
No rain. No flowers
Kind words cost nothing
Note to self: RELAX
Brevity is beautiful
Life is a beautiful struggle
Live and let live
Work hard. Dream big
The trouble is we think we have time
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
Whatever you are, be a good one
The best way out is always through
Do it with passion or not at all
You get what you settle for
Nobody can teach me who I am
Fall in love with your life
Enjoy the little things
Amazing things are going to happen
The good things in life is better with you
You’re my sunshine on a rainy day
There are no shortcuts to any place worth going
The best is yet to be
Be the best version of you
Living well is the best revenge
Appreciate everything that you have
Everyday is a second chance
However far a stream flows it never forgets it’s origin
If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do no harm

Elon Musk dan Industri Tenaga Elektrik

Tertarik dengan cerita Elon Musk bagaimana beliau ingin 'disrupt' industri pembekalan tenaga elektrik dunia dengan teknologi solar beliau. Melalui syarikat beliau, Tesla Energy, kita mesti saksikan bagaimana beliau bakal mendominasi industri ini. Tambah-tambah lagi kalau kita sendiri terlibat dengan indsutri ini, pasti kita mesti bersedia untuk menerima saingan beliau.

Berikut, mari sama-sama kita saksikan aspirasi dan usaha beliau dalam industri ini ....

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Seven Shift of Change

Shift 1: Letting Go Of The Past
-Uncover myths and assumptions by letting people say what is on their minds – don’t react.
-Separate facts and requests from the noise – stories and opinions.
-Focus on the outcome you want versus all difficulties and what people don’t want.

Shift 2: Developing Breakthrough Ambition
-Identify what you really, really want – what would be a breakthrough for you. Distinguish between pipe-dreams (not believable) and what is predictable, and the breakthrough will be somewhere in between.
-Develop a powerful narrative why you and the others should believe and be excited by the possibility – this is getting yourself on board
-Declare the breakthrough publically – this has a tremendous effect – no going back now!

Shift 3: Creating a Bold New Vision of the Future
-Tune into listening – make a note of the key conversations, concerns and aspirations of people that will be impacted positively by the change.
-Practise creating a story that stirs people’s emotions and interest (gets people to stand up and want to commit freely) communicated in a way that promotes a strong image and provokes emotions in people.
-Ask people after the communication what they heard – this will allow you to access your effectiveness.
-Practice making powerful requests to the people you are communicating to - ones that get people on the pitch versus in the stands watching!

Shift 4: Engaging Players in the Bold New Future
-Ask people what is missing to fulfil the vision or request – this always leads to people telling you what is required and moves conversations away from what is wrong and lacking to what is missing and can be provided.
-Ask people be accountable for addressing the missing areas they see – avoid taking the responsibility back.
-Seek alignment – following the process of making proposals, ask people if they are aligned and if not what is missing  for them; have the discussion.
-Make more requests than promises – powerful engagement comes from others taking the actions and making proposals happen, not from senior leaders taking the actions.

Shift 5: Cutting Through The DNA
-Look to Surface the conventional wisdom, assumptions and beliefs that are blocking the objectives and challenges you have.
-Make people aware of the unconscious DNA in the organization and how it affects the actions they take and don’t take.
-Have people challenge these assumptions.
-Practise flipping the thinking and imagining what would you do if you had no limits.

Shift 6: Keeping The Organization Future – Focused
-Recognize the different conversations people are having. Are they anchored to the past, present or future? Ask questions to move people to the future state.
-Turn concerns into identifying what is missing and requests – this always moves things forward.
-Manage conversations – turning past interpretations to future possibility
-Have new sets of conversations:
a-Imagine you have already achieved the goal: how did it happen?
b-Focus on what is happening versus stories
c-Identify what the commitment is and what is missing.
-Make bold promises and requests to put yourself and others to the test.

Shift 7: Gaining Energy From Setbacks
-Actively look for setbacks and ask what is missing to achieve the commitment.
-Watch and intervene in the rationalizing process that you and your colleagues may start to go through.
-Create an environment where people can bring up the potential and actual setbacks freely and challenge assumptions.
-See setbacks as the pathway to extraordinary outcomes.


Is a poison to the fountain of life,
Is an enemy in a friend’s disguise,
Is a feeling,
That comes uninvited,
When it grips,
It becomes your master,
It does not care about you,
It will go all out,
To kill you,
It is a wild dangerous beast,
Locked in the cage of courage,
It is chained with hope,
But when the hope is gone,
The chain is broken,
The walls of courage cage,
Weakens by the second,
Nightmare begins,
As the beast breaks free,
It chases and you run,
The beast becomes more powerful,
But, if you decide to stop running,
And confront it,
Face to face,
You stare at it’s face,
Pretend as if it is harmless,
Pretend that it can do nothing to you,
Pretend you are going to kill it,
Just mere pretence,
The beast will retreat,
And shift it’s direction,
And now,
You are chasing,
It is running away.
You caught it,
Imprisoned it back to it’s cage.


Eyes can see,
But can this mind understand,
The meaning of sight,

Eyes can see the sun set,
Eyes can see the magic of sunrays,
But, can this mind see,
Its dedication, perseverance and commitment,
To bring life, light and warmth

Eyes can see the stars,
Is it just a decoration in the night sky?
Or are the stars trying to tell,
That you too can shine,
When darkness envelopes your life

Eyes can see the miracle of water,
Quenching the thirst of every man alive,
But, can the mind understand its humility?
That which could destroy anything,
Want to quench your thirst,
Again and again,
As long as you are alive
You can see light,
With light,
You can see everything,
But can you see
That it is light that brings colors
In your dull and gray life

Eyes can see sweat,
But can the mind see effort?
Eyes can smile,
But mind see the true joy that it reflects?

Eyes can see a rainbow,
Eyes can see a waterfall,
Eyes can see beautiful flower,
It can admire nature’s beauty.
But can the eyes see
The greatness of the heart,
Would it ever be possible,
That one day,
This mind would understand,
The yearning of the heart.


There is a beautiful feeling,
Embedded in every heart,
That is delicate but beautiful,
Is gentle in nature,
But exquisite in feature,
It’s simple and magnificent.,
Such is the feeling of love,
That emanates from every heart,
It can warm a cold heart,
It can heal the wounds of time,
It can bring smile,
At the most unexpected moment,
Each time you wish for it,
It brings the gift of joy,
It can make life magical,
It can make you dance with delight,
Even in the darkest night,
With it,
Life becomes perfect,
Without it,
Life becomes meaningless,
It can vanish hatred in thin air,
It can create happiness out of no where,
It can take you places,
You have never been before,
It can make you feel,
The ultimate freedom of life,
It can make life juicy, spicy and crunchy,
It can uplift your broken spirit,
It can bring light,
When eternal gloom envelopes,
It can make you beautiful,
When you embrace it,
It can make you feel,
The miracle of being alive,
It is beautiful,
It is graceful,
It is pure,
It is divine,
It is special,
It is gracious,
It is momentous,
It is imperishable,
It can be cherished till the last breath,
It is the strand of force,
That weaves life in you,
It is so powerful,
That life resonates on its axis,
It resides within you,
It is the immortal love,
That dances eternally in your heart.

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