“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”

Thursday, September 1, 2016


There is a beautiful feeling,
Embedded in every heart,
That is delicate but beautiful,
Is gentle in nature,
But exquisite in feature,
It’s simple and magnificent.,
Such is the feeling of love,
That emanates from every heart,
It can warm a cold heart,
It can heal the wounds of time,
It can bring smile,
At the most unexpected moment,
Each time you wish for it,
It brings the gift of joy,
It can make life magical,
It can make you dance with delight,
Even in the darkest night,
With it,
Life becomes perfect,
Without it,
Life becomes meaningless,
It can vanish hatred in thin air,
It can create happiness out of no where,
It can take you places,
You have never been before,
It can make you feel,
The ultimate freedom of life,
It can make life juicy, spicy and crunchy,
It can uplift your broken spirit,
It can bring light,
When eternal gloom envelopes,
It can make you beautiful,
When you embrace it,
It can make you feel,
The miracle of being alive,
It is beautiful,
It is graceful,
It is pure,
It is divine,
It is special,
It is gracious,
It is momentous,
It is imperishable,
It can be cherished till the last breath,
It is the strand of force,
That weaves life in you,
It is so powerful,
That life resonates on its axis,
It resides within you,
It is the immortal love,
That dances eternally in your heart.

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