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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why Hire An Expert Trainer?

Many people ask me this question from time to time. They ask me what the difference is between a standard trainer and an expert trainer. We thought we would put together an article outlining the importance of the trainer themselves and how it can impact on not only the training session, but the outcomes and results of your team performance.

When hiring someone to do a role you look at their ability to do the job well. Even the media, grants them the notoriety and credibility from their efforts.

So what is the difference between a standard trainer and an expert trainer?

Well, experts have more knowledge in specific areas than most.  This means they have the ability to answer questions within a session, rather than just stick to an outline. An expert trainer will conduct a training session quite differently than a standard trainer, sometimes with a little more freedom and adaptability. The ability to be put on the spot and provide solutions as required by the participants assists with the learning process.

Credibility is also important. When you have a group or team that have considerable knowledge on a subject, sending in a trainer with limited knowledge or ability can at times make the group feel babysat, and build a level of unwillingness to learn. Once the trainer shows the lack of knowledge on a subject, the more likely the participants will switch off.

Why are not all trainers experts?

To be honest, not everyone can be an expert at everything. Many trainers teach, some research and some contribute. We find that trainers that constantly research new methods, and contribute to other areas in their field, in turn become more knowledgeable. This in turn will assist with the training they also deliver. Real life examples, case studies and experience is all applied within the training session.

Standard Training is still beneficial in many ways also, in fact some teams or training environments will not need an expert trainer, as this also could distance the group from the instructor. If a expert trainer is supplied, we always make sure we still teach at the required level whether that be Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced.

Again, some of it is style, personality, experience and knowledge. Finding the perfect mix in a trainer is important. We find that hiring experts in the areas required to teach, assists with high performance training.

We have seen too many times, trainers that waste the resources of a business, including the time of the participants. By hiring an expert trainer, you can be sure to get the very best in the industry and also the most out of your training.

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