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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Why Culture of Champions?

Why did you create the program “Culture of Champions’ (COC)?

I notice that there is a growing number of young graduates who have become overwhelmed with the constant changes that are happening in the world. After all, the world is developing at a rapid pace with various disruptive elements. For these young people, they are unclear on what they need to do in order to secure the jobs that they want. So, they end up with any other job that does not bring them any satisfaction nor relevant to their qualifications. Moreover, if they want to start a business, they struggle to create a business value that is sustainable. In the end, these young people become stressed and some will become depressed. 

It is true that the government and certain responsible parties have created various platforms in order to help the youth. However, the question here is that are they equipped with the mindset and foundational competencies that can help the youth to face these disruptive times? In my opinion, most of these efforts are done in a silo or in a non-integrated manner. In the end, many resources and efforts go to waste.

Ultimately, it is imperative for young people to be given awareness and developed. Seeing that they are the country's future, we cannot have them waste their potential.

Thus, I would like to introduce you to “Culture of Champions” (COC), a program that is systematic and integrated with the sole purpose to guide the nation’s youth. With its motto being, “To inspire people to do things that inspire them” (COC Brand Essence), COC wants to build a world that fulfills its aspiration, “A world where there is a Growth and Sustainable Life” (COC Brand Vision).

This aspiration can be achieved by ensuring that young people embody COC’s mission which is “To help humanity thrive by enabling them to lead anytime, anywhere” (COC Brand Mission). God willing, COC will deliver its promise which is “To help build the ability to achieve goals at the most optimal resources objectively” (COC Brand Promise). I believe that youths that have undergone COC will be sought after in any industry.

In order to achieve the items listed above, COC prioritizes these values “Contribution + Open Minded + Collaboration” (COC Brand Values). God willing, anyone who upholds these values will reap the benefits from COC.

I am committed to guiding those who are interested in COC and wish success for themselves. Fair warning though, I will also require commitment from you. It takes two to tango after all!

Please contact me if you would love to learn more about COC.

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