“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”

Thursday, December 15, 2022

7 Principles of Leadership Development

P1 – Strategic alignment is critical.

Must aligned to




 of an organization


P2: Leadership Development is contextual.

All those involved in developing the leaders need to truly know the organization




The Journey So Far.


The developing leaders need to have firm understanding of …

Why now?

How will I be supported?

What’s expected of me?

Why are we doing this development?

What is the benefits?

… to create the right mindset and attitude.


P3 – Visible and active senior leadership support is crucial.

Partner with the learning provider when designing the process.

Personalize the communication that kicks off the initiative

Put people development on the agenda at board level

Sponsor, open or contribute to sessions.


P4: Leaders exist at all.

Leading Self,

Leading Others,

Leading Multiple Team

Leading Organization


P5 – Leadership needs to focus on great conversations.

Build on the strengths of people and catch them doing things right

Give and receive feedback and listen

Deal assertively and proactively with underperformance

Identity and develop talent

Help others to learn and grow

Coach and role model to inspire performance


P6 – Leadership can be measured.

Psychometric profiling

Customer Surveys

360 Degree Feedback


P7 – Leadership can be learnt.

Make the leadership development contextual, be spoke and grounded in reality.

Base it around real-life situations supported by a practical toolkit.

Set work-based assignments that drive KPIs.

Task leaders to role-model the behaviors you need – and coach and mentor the next level through.

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